Let’s get real and failtastic

We live in a world of highlight reels: filtered and manufactured moments of triumph and accomplishment. There’s Sarah’s beautiful vacation. And Taylor’s byline in the New Yorker. And Tyler’s third award. And Alia’s perfect family. Also her perfect body.

Everything is filtered. Identities are manufactured, realities curated.

The result?

We compare our insides to people’s outsides. Our cutting room floors to their highlight reels.

The result?

We often feel shitty about ourselves. Our realities and worldviews are distorted. Some of us turn inward and lean out. Some of us decide to quit before we even start.

At Foreign Policy Interrupted, we’re all about interrupting the conversations we have about the world we share. But we’d like to take some time to interrupt the stories we not only tell others, but the stories we tell ourselves.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be launching the @FailFeed. The space will be a much-needed reality check. A reminder that we’re all doing the best we can with what we got; that we all need to be a bit more kind to others, but most importantly, to ourselves.

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