What is this?

The FailFeed is the baby [parent] of Foreign Policy Interrupted, an initiative to amplify female foreign policy voices.

For the past few years, FPI has been mentoring and training some of the world’s brightest and accomplished women to interrupt the conversations we have about that world.

But co-founder Lauren Bohn, a recovering perfectionist, soon realized that before they could do that, they’d first need to interrupt the conversations we tell ourselves.

We’ve heard it time and time again from many high-profile, hugely successful and talented people: social media’s endless torrent of mediated, filtered moments of triumph and “success,” regularly throws them down spirals of self-doubt. Highlight reels have distorted our self-worth. We too often compare our insides to other’s  manufactured outsides.

Before we can meaningful contribute to society and live out our purpose, we must reclaim our self-worth. In short, we need to start getting real.

FailFeed is a much-needed unfiltered space to share and feast in our vulnerabilities and failures. They’re not the opposites of success — they’re crucial parts of success.

Let’s lean into the discomfort and get vulnerable. That’s how the magic happens.